Step 1: Getting Started Guide and Contact Details

Well done for taking the first step to designing your high-performing, low footprint home by reading our 6 step guide.

Having worked with many clients starting on their pathway to designing then living in a sustainable home I understand the first steps can seem difficult. So, with my team, we created a guide aimed at helping people with building projects so they would start on the right path and reach their project goals.

There are many steps in building projects so let’s get started by downloading the Getting Started Guide which presents some preliminary information.

By the way, I’m Kirstie from Shelter Building Design. I thought I better introduce myself in case we haven’t met! I love to meet clients, preferably at the project site location, early on in the design process so let’s look into that over the coming weeks. 

For now we ask that you please fill in this form so we can grab some important Contact and Site Details Information. 

But if you’d prefer to have a quick chat before filling in the form, or taking the next steps, I would be very happy to arrange a phone meeting and we can go from there. Just reach out to me and we’ll arrange a suitable meeting time.

Getting started on the process for a high-performing, low footprint home 

For the next 6 weeks we’ll go through each step starting from today. Each step has valuable information and tips. The steps form a guide to the sustainable design and building process. Everyone is at different stages of their building project journey but we are sure you’ll find the step by step guide helpful no matter what level of knowledge you have and project stage you are at. 

Six Steps

Week 1: Getting Started Guide and Contact Details

Week 2: Design Brief Draft

Week 3: Refining the Design Brief and Your Style

Week 4: Budget vs Cost

Week 5: Consultants and Council approval

Week 6: We are on the way but there is lots more to do!

I look forward to some great communication regarding your project so we can get through the steps as smoothly as possible together and build a home or structure that meets and exceeds your sustainability and design expectations. 

Please complete the below form…

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