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Kirstie recently had a chat to Belle Butler of Mid Mountains Local News about “Hempcrete: The Building Material That’s Good for You and Good for the Planet“.

By Belle Butler | Mid Mountains Local News

As we rethink how to live in a warming world, building designers like Kirstie Wulf in Hazelbrook are exploring new fire-resistant building materials like hempcrete. In 2015 Kirstie received the National Building Designers Association Award for her first hempcrete home and she’s been designing them ever since.

Meeting building designer Kirstie Wulf in her Hazelbrook home was a bit like walking into someone’s living room on Christmas morning. Kirstie exuded an energy of barely contained excitement, like she had this secret gift that she couldn’t wait to share. The gift was, in fact, her knowledge about hempcrete, a building material that seems to tick all the boxes you could possibly throw at it.

Story by Belle Butler | Mid Mountains Local News
Mid Mountains Local News Hempcrete
Kirstie Wulf of Shelter Building Design holding a hempcrete block (Belle Butler)
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