Step 5: Consultants and Council approval

Consultants and Council approval

We hope you are enjoying the design process so far.

Next we will look at Consultants and Council approval around the Passive House preference.

You may have heard stories of project timelines extending and designs compromised due to issues with council approval. Details that seem inconsequential can trip up even the most fastidious approach to council regulations.

The good news is that building a Passive House does not add any extra complications to the council approval process. In fact, due to the increased quality in the construction of a Passive House, these buildings exceed minimum building standards.

If you’re also looking to build using natural materials, such as hempcrete, we have experience in council approval for that too.

Design and approval process


There are many consultants involved in the Design and approval process. One of the first is a surveyor who provides a topographical survey. There are engineers for structure and hydro, fire and bushfire consultants. Heritage and private certifiers as well as other consultants who may be a part of the design and council approval process.

As your primary consultant Shelter Building Design liaises with all the other consultants making sure this process goes as smoothly as possible. 

You’ll be across all the emails regarding these consultants so that all the documents can be pulled together, paid for, and submitted to council for DA (Development Application) and CC (Construction Certificate) so that you can get building. 

As part of our service, Shelter Building Design ensures the council approval phase goes as smoothly as possible. We consider council regulations from the first stage of the design process through to submission which can avoid delays and associated costs.

If you have any more questions regarding consultants and the council approval process note them down, preferably in the Design Brief document, and we can discuss these at our next meeting.  

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